ThanksLiving: How to Gain a Perspective to Enrich Your life

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ThanksLiving… a way to enrich your life

ThanksLiving – How to gain a perspective to enrich your life is a new book from a Christian perspective demonstrating how gratitude is a necessary ingredient for an enriched and flourishing life.

Did you know?

  • Did you know it is scientifically proven that chasing after perpetual happiness is like catching bubbles? Yet, so many people have their main goal in life to be happy.
  •  Did you know that too many people believe they can never experience what it means to thrive or flourish? So they have given up.
  • Did you know that without gratitude you cannot experience the fullness of an enriched life? So, the attitude of gratitude is a key to enrichment?

Imagine if you could

  • Quit chasing after happiness and chase after something much better.
  • Learn how to experience what it means to flourish in life.
  • Take your thanksgiving to the level of thanksliving that will enrich your life.

You don’t have to imagine it, it’s here!

You don’t have to imagine something better, learning to flourish in life through gratitude and thanksliving. Dr. Owsley provides you with insight from the latest research in neuroscience and the social sciences, as well as from the Bible to sort things out well enough to make a positive change. Through ThanksLiving, you will learn what your priorities should be and what skills you need to apply in order to develop the right perspectives that will lead you to an enriched life.

An Excerpt from ThanksLiving’s Introduction

“The point of ThanksLiving is to be informative on the matter of thankfulness and its influence on a more enriched life. Even more, the purpose is to offer you tools to help develop positive skills to enhance relationships, foster happiness, and grow contentedness.”

Get started today on a better path to enrichment. Do yourself a big favor and buy your copy now. Enjoy!